The Different Types of Home Solutions You’ll Need

Your house is one of the most valuable assets that you can have. Thus, to make sure that this asset stays valuable, one of the easiest ways to keep your house safe is by finding the perfect home solution for you.

Most people think that finding a home solution is just putting up cameras and a few motion detectors but there’s more to it than that. Security is relative to your safety and here at Legends Security, your safety means everything to us.

What Are the Different Types of Home Solutions You Can Have?

Home solutions roughly refer to security and the main purpose of security is to keep you safe. Because of this, security can come in many forms. From medical aid to online protection, a great security system can cover all of this and fit your needs perfectly.

Intrusion Detection:

The most basic of all home solutions, intrusion detection does exactly what it says. It can detect intruders and prevent a burglary from ever happening. The way this system works is actually quite simple.

Using mostly detectors, the house will be able to detect movements. For example, door and window detectors can tell you which doors and windows are opened and closed. Furthermore, if armed, these detectors can set off the alarm to scare away any potential burglars.

On top of that, smart keypads allow you to customize this security system, lock up any potential rooms you might want to be kept private, and enable or disable the alarm system.

Fire Detection:

Fire detection is also a form of security. Every 24 seconds, a fire department responds to a call somewhere in the nation. Don’t let that be you. By installing a strong fire detection system, you won’t have to worry about any fire-related problems.

Like intrusion security systems, fire detection also uses detectors. But in this case, they detect smoke, heat, and even carbon monoxide, which are all clear indicators that a fire is present.

The detectors connect with the fire alarm and the fire alarm will make a noise to alert you that there is a fire. Sometimes, the fire alarm is so advanced that it can even notify the proper authorities to your home.

Video Surveillance:

Video surveillance goes off of intrusion detection. Video surveillance is basically setting up a system which helps you monitor the important parts of your house, such as the front door and the backyard, 24/7.

The system usually involves using security cameras, video recorders, and a CCTV monitor. How it works is the security cameras and video recorders watch over the house and transmit the feed to the CCTV monitor which you can watch yourself.

The cameras and recorders should be put in the most optimal places around your home so that you can see everything that’s going on. For most homeowners, this is usually where the main entrances are located.

If you want the best possible angles, the top option is to consult with a security company such as Legends Security & Sound. They’ll tell you where you need video surveillance the most and even go so far as to add extra features such as a power supply to keep your surveillance system running for longer.

Home Automation

One big reason that people get their houses broken into is that they forget to do something such as locking their door or closing their garage. With house automation, this no longer becomes a problem.

You can lock and unlock your doors through your phone or with the palm of your hand. You can also adjust the thermostat and water valve with the touch of a button. The options are endless.

A properly built smart home can make up for all of your blunders. No longer will you have to worry about leaving your garage open or your doors unlocked because you can simply check the status on your phone.

And if you did happen to leave the door unlocked or the garage opened, you can fix that on your phone.

IoT Security (a.k.a Internet of Things Security)

The world is constantly evolving and in the age of the internet, your home can be hacked from the online world as well as the physical world. That’s why you need IoT Security in the 21st Century.

IoT keeps your online presence safe through the use of firewalls, firmware, and network segmentation. All of these things will keep your data safe and your house secure.

Furthermore, with IoT security, you’re guaranteed to have all of your devices running at the maximum efficiency. Don’t be left behind in the past. Get Internet of Things security to make sure that your home is safe in both an online and a physical sense.

The Best Security Option For You

The type of security you want honestly depends on what your home needs. Moreover, you can use various home solutions together to create a flawless security system that your home will benefit from.

For example, some homeowners like to add video surveillance with intrusion detection to make it ten times harder for an intruder to enter your home without you knowing.

Your region also plays a big role in what you might need. For instance, if you live in California, an area notorious for its wildfires and dryness, you’ll want to get some type of fire detection system. And if you live in an area where the crime rates are higher than usual, an intrusion detection system is a great investment.


Here at Legends Security and Sound, we believe in making your home safer in more ways than one. We know how much value your home brings you day in and day out and having something happen to your home can be a terrible experience.

That’s why it’s important to find the perfect home solution that keeps you and your family safe. Be it fire protection or a system that can detect intruders, we believe that a home solution that works for you will be a home solution that keeps you safe forever

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