Video Surveillance

Keep a watchful eye on your home and deter burglars with a professionally designed and installed video surveillance system.

24/7 Recording

Record and store continuous video footage locally or in the cloud.

High Definition Video

Capture high definition footage in dark or low-light environments.

Event-Triggered Alerts

Receive alerts when an event is triggered due to motion detection.

Modern Home Surveillance

Home Video Surveillance Systems used to be too expensive for most families to install in their homes. Those families that did have a security camera usually only had one stationary camera focused on the main entrance of the home. These cameras required a VHS player and to replace the tape frequently, if you didn’t replace the tape you didn’t record anything.

But that is not the case anymore! At Legends Security & Sound we offer digital video surveillance options to meet your needs without spending an arm and a leg.

Home Surveillance Systems

Whether you are concerned with outside threats or want to keep an eye on your kids and the nanny, we have video surveillance options for you. All of our security cameras are wireless, which means they can be installed without the need of a phone line. High definition video so you do not have to worry about not being to identify a person’s face or see a license plate number. Finally, the experts at Legends Security & Sound have the expertise to make sure your home surveillance system and all digitally recorded footage stays private, ensuring you are safe from online threats as well.
We offer a Home Surveillance Security Bundle to help save money on your system. It includes a 4-channel High Definition DVR, High Definition Night Vision Camera, Multi-Camera Power Supply, Durable High Definition Cables and a high-quality network connection that is fully secured.
Looking for more? We also offer motions sensor cameras great for indoor or outdoor surveillance. Combine with your Home Security System and get the two-way voice option, tell that burglar you see them and that the cops are on their way!
Join the millions of Americans in adopting home video monitoring and enjoy piece of mind even when you are miles away from your home. Legends Security & Sound, we are the best in home security from Sumter to Newberry, South Carolina and everything in between.

Video Recorder

Record high definition video and access remote viewing with a multi-channel digital video recorder.

Surveillance Camera

Keep an eye on your home around the clock with clear, crisp professionally installed surveillance cameras.

High Definition Monitor

Watch live video feeds or playback previous surveillance recordings with high definition monitors.

Power Supply

Manage power distribution between multiple CCTV cameras from a central location with a power supply box.

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