Home Automation

Control your home from your smart phone with a professionally designed and installed home automation system.

Smart Home

Manage your home ecosystem with smart, internet-connected devices.

Total Control

Take control of your smart home from anywhere, at any time.

Smart Mobile Alerts

Get notifications when an event is triggered in or around your home.

Home Automation System

Home Automation is the newest addition to the offerings at Legends Security & Sound, but what is it? Home automation is the use of computers or electronics to control basic home functions. This can be done automatically on a schedule of your choice or remotely by your control.

The main benefit of home automation systems is to save you time and money.

Smart Home Automation

Legends Security & Sound offers the families around the midland’s a full range of home automation products. Want to be able to control your thermostat from your smart phone? We can do that. Need to unlock your front door for your nanny? We can install that too! We can even give you the ability to let your beloved family dog out if you are running late from work. No more accidents left for you to pick up!
Smart Home Automation gives you the ability to warm up your house and turn on your lights before you get home from work. Make it seem someone is home while your away on vacation or shut off the water value to prevent flooding damage. The opportunities are endless with smart home devices. We can even hook up your digital assistant to your Home Automation System to make it voice activated.
Don’t buy your smart home devises from a big box store and install yourself! Here at Legends Security & Sound, when we install your smart home technologies we keep security in mind. That means we will ensure there is little to no risk of a hacker taking control of your home, or worse stealing your data. Click here to find out more about how we secure the Internet of Things (IoT)
Bundle your smart home products with your Home Security System to get the most for your money and only download one application to your smart phone. Here at Legends Security & Sound we provide local, 24/7 support for your home automation needs. Located near you in downtown Columbia, South Carolina, we are your neighbors. That means we are familiar with the concerns and needs of families from Lexington to Camden, South Carolina. Don’t wait, start saving money on your SCE&G bills by calling us today!

Smart Lighting

Preserve energy and avoid walking into a dark home with automated interior and exterior lighting.

Smart Door Lock

Grant or deny access to your home from anywhere with automated smart electronic deadbolt locks.

Smart Thermostat

Automate the temperature of your entire home or control individual zones with smart thermostats.

Smart Water Valve

Avoid excessive water damage to your property and valuables with monitored smart water valve sensors.

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