IoT Security

In a world that is ever connected, do you know if your home is really safe from online threats?

Layered Protection

Digital security that begins at the connection, segmented access.

Total Control

Control how your devices and the internet communicate.

Event Triggered Alerts

Receive real time email updates on the security of your home network.

The Internet of Things

IoT or the internet of things is the network that every device that connects to WiFi, for your convenience, is on. Unlike your computer or tablet, an IoT device is usually used as a one task tool, like your thermostat or toothbrush. There are an estimated 23.14 million devices that are connected to the internet of things and this number is expected to double in the next 5 years, and triple by the year 2025.

But why do they need to be secure? When anything connects to the internet it runs the risk of being hacked and used maliciously against your wishes as the owner. Whether they wish to steal your data or view your video footage, IoT devices are another gateway for an outsider to get in your home.

IoT Security Team

We take your security seriously. Just as with our security systems starting at the street, our IoT security starts at the installation of the product in your home. The first line of defense is the password. Every device comes set with a default password, which can easily be found on the manufacturers website in the manuals found online. Resetting your default password is done at installation by our professionals, so each device will have a personal password only your home will have. Then we build a digital cage around your home to prevent anyone from getting in.
The foundation of Legends' IoT Security is the firewall. This device acts as a traffic cop, to say what traffic can and cannot get in and out of your home network. The second piece is what is known as Virtual LAN or VLAN. This allows us to separate the traffic from your IoT devices from the rest of your home network to prevent unauthorized communication with other devices in your home. To provide your devices authorized communication with outside websites, we use access control lists or (ACL). This is like the list you give your doctor about who can see your medical files. If not on the list, no permission to communicate.
Finally, we have firmware.  As vulnerabilities are discovered in your devices, manufacturers will release updates or patches known as firmware. These updates often do not occur automatically and must be manually installed. You can rest easy knowing that the IoT security team at Legends Security is actively monitoring for these updates and applying them as necessary. 
Since programming security can be extremely expensive, IoT Manufacturers can't be bothered to produce secure products.  Charlie Miller, a principal autonomous vehicle security architect at General Motors once stated, “We write code and we are not perfect. The problem is, great security is expensive. You can’t just keep looking for vulnerabilities. You need to ship product and accept the fact you can’t solve security…” Despite this flaw, we as consumers are buying new IoT devices and setting them up in our homes every day. Don’t wait until it is too late, protect your family with the experts at Legends Security & Sound, call us today.


Control all traffic coming in and out of your home network with a personal firewall.

Access Control List

Define what devices are allowed to communicate with each other and the internet.

Network Segmentation

Segment your home network in a way that doesn’t allow unauthorized


Update your devices to ensure you have the latest security and most up to date features.

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