Fire Detection

Protect your home and loved ones with a professionally designed, installed, and monitored fire detection system.

24/7 Monitoring

Get real-time access to emergency response when you need it most.

Early Detection

Prevent fire damage by detecting smoke or heat before a fire starts.

Automatic Response

Take ease in knowing your system has alerted the fire department.

Prevent Fire Damage

In 2016 there were 352,000 home fires in the United States, causing billions of dollars in damage according to the National Fire Protection Association. Although it may not be the scariest cause of harm to a family, fire and smoke can still be very traumatic and heartbreaking as you may lose your personal belongings or worse your entire home!

Prevent this from happening to your family with the fire detection options provided by Legends Security & Sound.

Fire Alarm Systems

To properly protect any residence from fire or smoke damage, we suggest using a complete system with alarms and detector sensors. Start with the fire alarm, the last warning that a fire has started in your home. Then add on a heat detector, we recommend one heat detector be placed on each level of your home and if possible your garage.
Lastly, your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. These are legally required in all dwelling or sleeping units, according to the South Carolina State Fire Marshal. That means you should have a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector in each bedroom of your home as well as one in each common area of your property.
With deaths caused by residential fires up 6.3% above the national average in South Carolina in 2014, we at Legends Security & Sound firmly believe even if you cannot afford a fully automated home security system, you should at the very least have a complete fire detection system in your house or apartment. Many times, these fire detection systems will help with savings on your home or renters’ insurance policies, helping curb the cost you have out of pocket.
At Legends Security & Sound we offer the ability to keep track of your smoke and fire alarms from your smartphone. Making it easier for you to obtain the peace of mind we guarantee. Don’t wait to become another statistic! Help us keep Columbia, South Carolina safe from fire deaths by calling us for your free quote today!

Fire Alarm

Identify the first signs of danger and dispatch local emergency response with a monitored fire alarm.

Heat Detector

Detect temperature increases and minimize fire-related property damage with monitored heat detectors.

Smoke Detector

Pinpoint smoke accumulation and prevent a fire from fully developing with monitored smoke detectors.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Detect poisonous gas and prevent bodily harm or fatality with monitored carbon monoxide detectors.

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