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Feel comfortable, safe, and secure in your own home with professional home security by Legends. Providing alarm systems, motion detectors, and smart locks for Columbia homes since 1995.

Real-Time, 24/7 Monitoring

Get round-the-clock protection from our monitoring center—quick emergency response guaranteed.

Reliable Motion Detection

Automatic sensors detect movement at the street level and send out notifications immediately.

Mobile App Control

Access your home security control panel and monitoring system through your mobile device anytime.

Legends Home Security Systems

South Carolina has one of the worst records in the United States for break-ins, which is why it’s all the more important for the residents of Columbia to keep their homes safe and secure. Invest in Legends home security solutions, and you can protect yourself and your family from costly and potentially fatal property crimes.

Protecting your home starts with figuring out your household’s needs. Do you need to arm and disarm your system at a moment’s notice? Do you need a state-of-the-art surveillance system? Do you need motion sensors in and out of the house? Or do you already have an existing home security system that just needs a little updating?Whether we’re working with your current systems or building one from scratch, our security experts can help you fortify your home in the way that you need. We offer a wide range of bundles that include smart keypads, door and window sensors, doorbell cameras, high definition video recording, and professional installation—all at a customer-friendly price.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features are included in a basic home security system?

The Legends basic home security package has everything you need to secure your home. We include the following:
•High-tech locks on all of your home’s doors that lead to the outside.
•One keypad or control panel.
•At least one indoor motion sensor.

Do you offer any advanced features?

For beefed-up security, we also offer additional security options such as window sensors, glass break sensors, smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, flood detection, medical alert devices (recommended for the elderly and disabled), and video doorbell/security cameras.

Will pets trigger the motion detector?

Our security packages include an indoor motion sensor to keep you safe at night or when you’re away. Our motion detectors are programmed to only go off for weights over 80 lbs; so small pets under 55 lbs will not trigger the indoor motion sensors.

Smart Keypad

Control your smart home security system with the help of a user-friendly touchscreen keypad.

Window / Door Sensor

Secure all points of entry with door and window sensors that alert you when an opening occurs.

Motion Detector

Monitor movement and detect a threat in your home with pet-friendly infrared motion detectors.

Glassbreak Detector

Identify the sound of broken glass and stop intrusions with strategically placed glassbreak detectors.

Should I choose a hard-wired or wireless security system?

Both hard-wired and wireless security systems have their own pros and cons. The best system for you depends on your home layout. At Legends, we usually use a combination of wired and wireless systems—this maximizes reliability while minimizing costs.

Does my home security system protect my home during power failures?

Even with a wired system, you don’t have to worry about power outages impacting your safety. All of our home security systems come with a built-in battery that can last from 12 to 24 hours. This provides you with the same level of security while giving you ample time to resolve the power failure.

What if I want to switch companies? Is security equipment transferrable?

Generally speaking, most security companies will be able to work with your existing equipment and take over your security and monitoring. Our security experts at Legends are knowledgeable in all the most popular security equipment brands.

However, some larger national or regional security equipment providers may use proprietary systems that only they can monitor. If you have an existing security system that you’d like us to work with, you can reach out to our customer service department to inquire.

What happens if there’s a false alarm?

False alarms are rare but possible. When your home security system is triggered, accidentally or otherwise, we always call the homeowners to verify the alarm. We can clear the alarm once we are provided with the homeowner’s specific password.In the event that a police unit has already been dispatched, you can inform the officers that it is indeed a false alarm. A certain number of false alarms are allowed per home, depending on the department/jurisdiction.

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