Independent Living & Wellness

Make sure your loved one's needs are being met and help avoid potential emergencies before they happen.

24/7 activity monitoring

Monitor activity around the clock with our non-intrusive system.

Event Triggered Alerts

Receive real-time notifications of what's happening in the home.

Seamless Integration

Integrates with your emergency alert system and sensor data.

Aging in Place and Independent Living Solutions

There are many good reasons why older adults prefer to remain in their own homes and communities. Some of these reasons include being in the comfort of familiar surroundings, proximity to family and friends, and the privacy of their day-to-day lives.

Legends aims to remove the major barriers to aging in place at both the individual and community level. Our trusted lineup of independent living and wellness solutions make the proper provisions to fit a well-adapted home; allowing your elderly family member to stay in the home where they’ve made a lifetime of memories.

South Carolina's Certified Aging in Place Specialist

As a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), Legends understands the remodeling and technology associated with aging-in-place, as well as the tools and resources that are available for seniors to age in the comfort of their own homes. We are trained by the National Association of Home Builders in the needs of the aging population, common remodeling projects and expenditures, codes and standards, product ideas and resources.
We can help you make your home “aging-ready” and assure you that you are dealing with experienced technicians who have had training in crafting solutions that meet the independent housing needs of older adults. All of our engineers and appointed specialists utilize universal design principles to create a safer, more comfortable and more independent life within the home—both now and in the future.
One of the key benefits of employing Legends Wellness Solutions is the seamless integration with your security system and sensor data. This cutting-edge technology allows family members and caregivers to monitor their loved-one’s activity around the clock. With intelligent sensors to track and learn the home’s activities of daily living, you or a designated caregiver can identify anomalies that may signify a problem.

Far more comprehensive than traditional Personal Emergency Response (PERS) services, our wellness solutions implement a safety net that provides a more accurate and complete view of a loved one’s well-being.
Need to simplify routine tasks? We can configure and automate frequently performed tasks across the home’s critical systems. This allows you or a caregiver to remotely check on and adjust lights, thermostats, locks and security so your loved one doesn’t have to remember to turn lights on or off, regulate the temperature, or lock the door and arm the security system every night.
If you or your parents are nearing retirement age, now is a good time to plan for aging in place, before expensive modifications to the home are immediately necessary. This gives you and your family time to determine what changes are necessary and ease into the process of fitting the home without urgent pressures. It also gives you plenty of flexibility to make sure the necessary financial resources are in place. Call Legends today to speak with a Certified Aging in Place Specialist and discuss your options for making you or your loved one’s home an aging-ready environment.

Fall Detection Pendant

Our proactive personal safety pendant is equipped with built-in, state-of-the-art fall detection.

Emergency Alert Button

This large, easily accessible button is strategically placed in bathrooms and other fall-risk areas.

Bed & Chair Sensor

Bed and chair sensors provide real-time insight on how much time is spent in bed or in a favorite chair.

Activity Sensor

Contact sensors detect wandering as well as opening and closing of interior doors and medicine cabinets.

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