Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on your business and deter burglars with a professionally designed and installed video surveillance system.

24/7 Recording

Record and store continuous video footage locally or in the cloud.

High Definition Video

Capture high definition footage in dark or low-light environments.

Event-Triggered Alerts

Receive alerts when an event is triggered due to motion detection.

Business Surveillance Systems

If you watch the news you might get the feeling that our world has become a dangerous place. With so much information out there, it is hard to pinpoint accurate data that states if our lives are more at risk or not, but most of us would still enjoy a little more peace of mind.

With Video Surveillance for your business provided by Legends Security & Sound, you can give yourself that piece of mind and view it from the palm of your hand. We offer Video Surveillance for the modern age.

Security Cameras

Want to know what is going on at your business, inside and out? We at Legends Security & Sound can help with our video surveillance systems. Set up security cameras wherever you can legally with our wireless camera options. Never worry about replacing tapes or running out of space with surveillance DVR and modern recording options set up to fit your needs and IT systems. We work with your Business IT support to make sure everything works and is secure.
Looking for outdoor surveillance cameras? Let us help, we can handle the whole job including running any cables necessary. Most cameras are now wireless, but if you do not want to replace batteries we can do that too! Don’t worry about bad weather or animal interference, our techs are trained to look for the best spots and note any conditional issues that may arise.
You can find our video security system in businesses all over South Carolina, from Myrtle Beach to Greenville. We have experience with all kinds of video needs, from keeping track of your staff to watching your parking lots. Our experts will tell you where you need to put those signs to keep up with state and federal regulations. Your business won’t find a better team of security camera installers around.
Combine your security camera system with remote video monitoring to add that extra level of security. Or just tie in your video footage to your company’s security system and watch all what is going on when an alarm is set off. Whatever you feel is needed to give your business that extra certainty, Legends Security & Sound is the local team that has your back.  Give us a call today to start your install.

Video Recorder

Record high definition video and access remote viewing with a multi-channel digital video recorder.

Surveillance Camera

Keep an eye on your business around the clock with clear, crisp professional grade surveillance cameras.

CCTV Monitor

Watch live video feeds or playback previous surveillance recordings with high definition monitors.

Power Supply

Manage power distribution between multiple CCTV cameras from a central location with a power supply box.

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