Remote Video Monitoring

Protect your bottom line and stop criminals in their tracks with professional grade remote video monitoring.

24/7 Live Video

Our highly trained operatives watch over your property around the clock.

Night Vision Technology

Capture detailed video in low-light environments with night vision.

Faster Response Rates

Get up to 6X faster police response rate than traditional alarms.

Remote Video Monitoring

In the United States, Larceny Theft accounts for 71.2% of all property crimes in 2016 according to the FBI. That means people are getting into businesses and homes without using force. With all this new technology out there, it seems you should have some way of making people think your business is occupied 100% of the time, right?

That is where Remote Video Monitoring comes into play. Legends Security & Sound has combined the 24/7 monitoring with your video surveillance systems, just like we offered with fire and security alarms.

Interactive Video Surveillance

What is Remote Video Monitoring? Well it is an addition to your video surveillance system with Legends Security & Sound. Our operators will watch your video surveillance live during the hours of your choice and if they see anyone on your grounds that shouldn’t be there, they will be told to leave or come back during business hours. It adds a voice to your cameras, the perfect deterrence to criminal activity.
Need someone to man a gate but don’t want to pay for a third shift? Then remote video monitoring is ideal for that. If someone shows up we can let them know when to come back, or where to call to get support. Since our operators are real people here in Columbia, South Carolina, you can customize your messages to best fit your needs.
Concerned staff may be coming back to your building after hours or smoking in areas they shouldn’t? They will soon get the message loud and clear! Don’t wait until the next day to let them know the correct procedure, use our remote operators to tell them at the time the offense occurred. We can even set it up where you or another supervisor is notified in real time.
Don’t wait until it is too late, make your video surveillance work proactively for you. Only pay for the hours you want to use with Legends Security & Sound. Since we are locally owned and operated, we can work with you on the perfect remote monitoring plan. Call us today for your free quote.

Surveillance Camera

Keep an eye on your property around the clock with clear, crisp professional grade surveillance cameras.

Network Video Recorder

Record and securely transmit high definition video to a monitored network video recorder.

Outdoor Speaker

Deter unwelcome guests in real time with Voice-Down™ technology through outdoor speakers.

Perimeter Sensor

Protect all entry points and trigger alarm-specific events with strategically placed perimeter sensors.

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