Structured Network Wiring

Distribute signals to each office or region of your place of business with professional network wiring.

Structured Media Center

Interconnect and control all media devices from a central hub.

Neat Wiring

Strategically bundled cables avoid tangles and unsightly wires.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Transmit the optimal signal with premium fiber optic cabling.

Structured Network Wiring

Legends Security & Sound is wiring security systems and video surveillance cameras in businesses every day, so you know you can trust us to come out and help with your other structured wiring needs.

Our expert technicians have backgrounds in construction and/or electrical services and know how to run wire through walls, up to second or third stories and even through thick walls of concrete. Whether you need a new phone line or need to build a whole new network, Legends Security can handle all structured wiring needs.

Cable Installation

With so many tasks turning to automation, it is very rare to find a business that doesn’t have at least one computer. Whether you need one computer or 400, we can help make sure you have the connections you need without anyone having to duct tape cables to the floor. Never worry about wiring being a tripping hazard again.
Keep having issues with your WiFi going out? We can install a new wireless access point to increase the wireless signal around your business. The experts at Legends Security have experience in Cat 5 and Cat 6, Coaxial (coax) and Fiber cables, so we can help with any structured wiring your office might need.
We work with your IT department or support to ensure the network build takes less time and less money than you first imagined. We can also make sure it meets all building codes and safety regulations for South Carolina. We even have experience in cabling for Voice Over IP or VOIP as well!
If you need CAT5 or fiber optics run and installed, regardless of where or why, no job is too big or too small for us, so call Legends Security & Sound today. You’ll be glad you did.


Enjoy clear, industry-compliant voice transmission with properly planned and installed voice cabling.


Maximize bandwidth and increase performance with a precisely designed commercial data network.

Wireless Access

Access the internet or intranet from anywhere in and around your facility with strategically placed WAPs.

Fire Wall

Control all traffic coming in and out of your commercial network with a professional firewall.

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