With increased cyber attacks, how can we be secure in smart homes?

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things or IoT devices are everywhere and almost everyone is using at least one device that qualifies as IoT, whether they know it or not. These devices make our lives easier, by turning on the lights before we get home, or they entertain our children in the case of CloudPets. But all these devices are connected to the internet and those they are vulnerable to hacking, and we should all be more concerned about that.

Cybersmart Homes

Most of these IoT devices are simple ways to make your home a “smart home”. From a personal assistant like Alexa to smart thermostats that adjust automatically and can be controlled from your mobile device, these are all devices that are starting to become common in our homes. But according to Johnson Controls and Booz Allen Hamilton, “It is no longer enough for a building to be smart — it must be cybersmart.” Cyber criminals want your data, whether your think it is worth anything or not. Some cybercriminals just want to cause us inconvenience, as in the case with the “BrickerBot” reported by the Dept of Homeland Security last summer. This bot attacks IoT devices that are poorly secured and renders them useless, essentially turning them in to bricks. This is why it is important for you to ensure your IoT devices are secure.

How to Secure IoT

To ensure your IoT devices are secure you should start with the setup, when you first bring home an IoT device ensure you check for updates when you set up the device. Then change the default password to something personal, only you would know. We at Legends Security & Sound also suggest a Firewall to control the traffic coming in and out on your internet. You should always use a secure router, and update all of your firmware regularly. We suggest checking for updates on all devices at least once a month.

If that seems like to much for you, give Legends Security & Sound a call. We can set up and protect your IoT devices around your home. Call us today and get ready for the summer, don’t let the music stop due to an unsecure WIFI speaker!

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