Home Security Cameras

Keep a watchful eye on your home and deter burglars with a professionally designed and installed video surveillance system.

24/7 Surveillance

Record your home all throughout the day and night without interruption.

HD Video Recording

See every detail, even at night in low-light conditions, in high definition.

Motion Alert System

Beef up your  home system with motion detection, real-time alerts.

Legends Home Security Cameras

There are many problems with most security camera systems. They’re usually too expensive, too much of a hassle, too limited, or all of the above. But Legends Security stands out from the rest by providing affordable, convenient home surveillance for the Columbia community.

We ensure that you get the protection you need without going over budget. Choose from different plans, such as wireless versus wired security cameras, local versus cloud storage, and a dozen more options to completely customize your surveillance.

All of our bundles come with a guarantee for incredible video quality, fully-secured networks to prevent hacking, high-def night vision cameras, and a reliable power supply dedicated to your home surveillance system.

You can even add indoor and outdoor motion sensors to make the most out of your home security system. Or try out top-of-the-line cameras that record video through your doorbells. Even better, you can access all of your footage on cloud storage via a useful mobile app—putting your home’s safety and security literally in the palm of your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have access to my security cameras?

We fully respect our clients’ privacy. Although we do provide your cameras with our home security system, we do not have access to the footage on your cameras, unless you specifically hire our security monitoring services. Only you, as the homeowner, can pull up the live feed and stored footage.

How is my security footage stored?

There are two options for storing footage with Legends’ security cameras. The first option is local storage through our DVR-based cameras. If you prefer this method, you will have to store the footage in DVR format on-site.

Another option is our internet-based cameras where all of your security footage is stored securely on a private cloud system. You’ll have a specific cloud storage allowance, and you’ll be able to access your security footage anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Are wireless security cameras completely wireless?

No security camera system is 100% wireless as it will still need to be hooked up to a power source and possibly the internet. But the cameras themselves don’t need to be wired to your home’s electrical system. Our wireless cameras are battery-powered and connect to your home system without any issue, which makes them a better option for renters or people who need more flexible security solutions.

Video Recorder

Record high definition video and access remote viewing with a multi-channel digital video recorder.

Surveillance Camera

Keep an eye on your home around the clock with clear, crisp professionally installed surveillance cameras.

High Definition Monitor

Watch live video feeds or playback previous surveillance recordings with high definition monitors.

Power Supply

Manage power distribution between multiple CCTV cameras from a central location with a power supply box.

What’s the range of wireless security cameras?

The range of your wireless security camera can depend on many factors, such as your network signal, your home’s building materials, its distance from the main hub, and more. At Legends Security, our outdoor security cameras can identify an individual up to 50 feet away in darkness—and even more with a light source.

Can someone hack my wireless cameras?

No security equipment or device is 100% unhackable, and any security company that tells you otherwise is being dishonest. But we do take strict measures to ensure that your sensitive data is as secure and safe as possible. We make sure that all of the data your cameras send and receive is encrypted. And we have several security protocols in place to ensure that your information cannot be accessed by unauthorized third parties.

We can also provide you with recommendations to further secure your home, such as creating secure networks, incorporating a full-suite home security system, and adding other advanced features.

Will my security system keep recording in a power outage?

We understand that you need your security system to work 24/7, even in the event of a power failure. To ensure your safety, whether you’re asleep or away from home, all of our security cameras come with a built-in battery. This way, you can keep recording throughout the night without worry.

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