COVID-19 Update:

Our Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

As news about the COVID-19 (coronavirus) evolves, Legends Security continues to monitor this developing situation. We want to assure you that our organization has contingency plans in place designed to address potential impacts. Our main focus continues to be the well-being and safety of our customers, employees, and partners across the communities we serve. Though many businesses around you may be closing due to local and state orders, the professionals at Legends Security will continue to serve all new and existing customers under the Department of Homeland Security’s classification of an essential service.

If you are a current customer and need any assistance with your service or bill, please call 803.788.1299. We understand this pandemic may be causing unforeseen issues for your family or business, and we are committed to doing our part to help you through it.

Given the fluid nature of these events, we’re closely monitoring the developments surrounding COVID-19 and develop appropriate plans in real-time so we can respond to various scenarios that may occur. As a result, we have implemented procedures in our business to respond to and reduce the threat:

Legends Employees

Remote work environments have been set up for employees, should this be required. Out of an abundance of caution, and as part of our ongoing efforts to limit potential impacts and spread, Legends Security has implemented company-wide restrictions on interoffice visits and internal/domestic travel. Lastly, Legends Security hosted events and employee gatherings have also been postponed or canceled.

When Visiting Your Home or Business

Our technicians and sales representatives will be required to follow best practices when entering your home or place of business. Our employees will ask if anyone at your site has been exposed to COVID-19 (coronavirus) or has flu-like symptoms. We may need to reschedule service if someone is ill or if been exposed to the coronavirus. Our employees will avoid shaking hands and have been instructed to disinfect any tools such as iPads or other items customers may come in contact with on an ongoing basis prior to a customer visit.

Adjustments to Operations

At Legends Security, responding to alarms in the homes and businesses of our customers is our top priority. During the coronavirus outbreak, we have implemented measures to ensure our already vigilant monitoring center is equipped to continue to monitor your property and alert first responders if necessary during this difficult time. We have trained additional Legends Security employees to perform the role of an operator to respond appropriately to residential and commercial alarms, and we have operators stationed at additional remote locations to ensure continuous coverage. And as always, we will continue to work closely with law enforcement and first responders in the event that they must be dispatched.

Our Unwavering Commitment

We understand that these are scary times and security is perhaps even more important than ever right now. The unpredictability of the spread of this virus does not alter our focus on continuing to serve our valued customers and we will not waver in protecting our communities. Whether you are in need of a service appointment or would like to schedule an installation of new equipment, our teams are ready to assist you.

Please note that you will be contacted about your visit prior to your home or business appointment. In an effort to further prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are requesting that if anyone in the home has been exposed or has any cold or flu-like symptoms, or if anyone in the home has traveled in the past two weeks, that you reschedule your appointment.

It is also important to note that while our process for monitoring alarm signals and dispatching authorities hasn’t changed, some police departments in the communities we serve have changed how their officers respond to alarms. Please contact your local police agency for more information regarding their current plan and staffing to report on alarms.

Future COVID-19 Updates

We will continue to provide regular updates and access to resources for our employees and our customers, as recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The safety of our customers, our employees, as well as the entire community is vital to us. Thank you for placing your trust in Legends Security.

Should you have any questions, or concerns, please direct them to or 803.788.1299. You can also contact us here.