Access Control

Control access to your building and provide a safe environment for employees and visitors.

Custom Configuration

Design the most efficient system for your specific business needs.

Mobile Management

Authorize credentials and unlock doors from your phone.


Intelligently store data regarding credentials and event history.

Commercial Access Control

Access Control is a more advanced security feature offered here at Legends Security & Sound. Great for health care facilities, data centers and any other high security business that needs to know who came and went and when.

Make sure no one gets information they shouldn’t with our controlled entry services.

Building Access Control

Let the professionals at Legends Security & Sound secure your building with our access control technology. You decide which doors and rooms you want controlled and we install the equipment and provide the software. From Pin-Pad controlled door knobs to automatic card or fob readers, we can help ensure no one gets where you do not want them to go.
Do you need to meet compliance regulations like HIPPA? Our access control options can help. Keep track of who entered your file room and when with live data, that cannot be tampered with, unlike sign in sheets that are always forgotten. Concerned you may have an angry client? Feel safe and stop watching your doors with our access control solutions. Only let authorized individuals in your building and keep the unauthorized out.
From small businesses with single doors to large networked systems for facilities and campuses, simplify your day with a customized access control option. The best part is you never have to worry if you forgot to lock your door!
With identity theft and mass shootings on the rise in the U.S., it makes sense for all businesses to be considering some form of access control system for their workplace. Here at Legends we make the option easy and cost effective. So why wait, give us a call today.

Magnetic Lock

Secure your business's interior as well as entrances and exits with a heavy duty electromagnetic lock.


Keep unauthorized personnel out of restricted areas with weatherproof security door keypads.

Card Reader

Control access to your entire facility or specific areas with weatherproof proximity card readers.

Key Fob

Grant keyless access with a pocket sized key fob that easily attaches to a key ring, badge clip or lanyard.

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