Commercial Security & Fire Systems

Commercial Security & Fire Systems

Legends Security & Sound is able to protect your most valuable assets at work by equipping your office with a state-of-the-art security system. Our security systems are designed to provide enhanced comfort, safety, and convenience.


All installations are performed by qualified personnel who are fully trained in both fire and security. Security systems no longer consist solely of intrusion detection.  Today’s robust systems offer such features as water leak detection, remote surveillance capabilities, and even fence alarms to alert you as soon as someone enters the premises. Legends can provide you with a customized security system that not only addresses your safety concerns but also utilizes additional automation functions such as lighting control and email or phone dial-up to respond to specific security-related events.


Not only are we capable of designing and installing sophisticated systems, we also offer monthly monitoring services at an incredibly low rate of $14.95. Cellular and internet monitoring is also available for back-up communication as well as installations that have no traditional telephone line.


Again, there is no need to juggle multiple contractors during the design and building phase. Security and fire systems are just another area we specialize in, allowing you to rest easily knowing your possessions are safe and secure.


Carbon Monoxide (CO), also known as “The Silent Killer,” is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in America. Sources include improperly operating gas heating or cooking equipment, vehicles running in an attached garage or it can even seep naturally from the ground into your home. Many people do not know they are suffering from CO poisoning until it is too late. Upon exposure, CO replaces oxygen in the bloodstream, causing suffocation. Symptoms of mild CO poisoning include flu-like symptoms and difficulty breathing. Victims exposed to high levels of CO can become seriously ill or die within 15 minutes.


Legends Security installs CO detectors that are integrated with your security system and monitored 24/7. Should CO concentrations reach a dangerous level, you will be notified by the CO detector, control panel, and our Central Station. CO detectors sound an alarm before CO reaches a fatal level to allow your staff time to safely evacuate your business.


Wireless CO detectors are integrated with your security system and monitored 24/7. If CO or a technical issue is detected, our Central Station will quickly act to ensure your safety. We can install CO detectors that are connected to your existing security system that will provide you with an unmatched level of protection from CO poisoning.